Shaar Hashamaim Website Development Project

Shaar Hashamaim is having an internet website for quite a number of years. The idea behind having this website was to provide information about the synagogue, it's achivements in the past, provide contact information to it's members, and post information about past and future events.

President of Shaar Hashamaim Samuel Elijah Daniel had an idea whereby members of Shaar Hashamaim would pay their dues online. He made such an announcement in one of the annual functions.

The Board of trustees of Shaar Hashamaim took this idea further and presented a plan to develope a full fledged website which will not only provide a payment gateway but will also provide the means to

  • save members profile data,
  • view pictures/videos of Shaar Hashamaim events,
  • request services online,
  • make donations,
  • access calendar online along with a list of holidays, daily prayer times etc.,
  • find Hebrew dates from English dates and vice-a-versa,
  • find anniversary dates
  • search & hold library books,
  • make miscellaneous service requests,
  • reserve synagogue meeting rooms and guest rooms online,
  • read commentry on weekly Parasha & Haftara,
  • view detailed record of balance due, select full or partial payments to make,
  • provide management a gateway to bill bid/membership amounts to individual member balance,
  • book services accross the counter using computer and issue receipts, etc.

The trustees of the Shaar Hashamaim wants members of the community to visit this website frequently to read announcements, visit gallery of photos of the recent events, request services and post comments/suggestions by calling our phone number or sending email to