The Shaar Hahshamaim Team

Samuel Elijah Daniel(Bamnolkar) - President

Samuel brings in a strong marketing experience as Vice President(Sales) in his career with Pfizer India, U S Vitamin and ________. In addition to his duties as a president of Shaar Hashamaim he is currently handling the responsibility of working closely with community and liasoning with government authorities.

Raymond Shalome Nagothnekar(Benjamin) - Secretary

Popularly known as Benjamim. Benjamin is a CEO of a presitigious Engineering & Management College near Mumbai. Benjamin has for most of his professional career worked for state government authority and therefore worked closely with agencies that deal with state goverment. His experience in managing large size institutions has made him eligible to take the responsibility of Secretary of Shaar Hashamaim. He is in-charge of day to day operations and management of Shaar Hashamaim. His relentless work and guidence to the younger generation has encouraged them to get involved in activities of Shaar Hashamaim and take responsibilities.

David Isaac Ghosalkar - Treasurer

Being an owner of a successful engineering firm and a philanthropist, David has been instrumental in working closely with the community of Shaar Hashamaim for many years. He is currently holding a position of Treasurer and is looking after finances of Shaar Hashamaim. In addition to the job of treasurer he is very busy in liasioning with banks, accounting firm, internal auditors and Charity commision. He also provides support to Secretary in carrying out day to day operations of Shaar Hashamaim.

Moses Abraham Phansapurkar - Head of Religious Committe and Mohel

Shaar Hashamaim is proud to have the Mohel amongst the members of the Synagogue. As a mohel Moses has completed over 950 circumcisions in India. He was felicitated by Rabbi Abraham Benjamin on completing 30 successful years serving the Community. As a professional Moses has worked for the Income Tax Department of India. His passion has been Jewish religion studies and have helped Jewish community in India in carrying out prayers on Shabbath, high holidays. He is currently heading the religious committe of Shaar Hashamaim and helping younger generation in learning to read Hebrew prayers, Parasha and Haftara.

Samson David Awaskar - Trustee

Samson has been very successful in his career as a builder, investment advisor and a real estate broker. He comes from a family of event managers. He is a philanthropist and has helped community members on various occasions. He encourages children from our community to take education. He berings in his experience of hard core Operations Management. Samson currently is in-charge of building facility, events, festivals and public relations department of Shaar Hashamaim.

Abraham Moses Mapgaonkar(Elias) - Trustee

Abraham is one of the strong pillars of Shaar Hashamaim who would stand against all odds to support objectives of Shaar Hashamim. He brings in an experince in Marketing Management from his career as President(Sales) in Ciba India(an international pharmaceutical corporation). He being a great orator, leads community in virtually every event being organized by Shaar Hashamaim. As a trustees he guides the management with his advice from time to time.

Salome Moses - Trustee

She is currently the only female trustee on the board. She has been a successful career women and curently on the advisory board of Shaar Hashamaim representing issues of women in perticular and guides management from time to time with solutions.

Jacob Isaac Malyankar - Trustee

As a professional, Jacob has worked providing engineering design for corporate giants like Indian Standard Metals and Hawkins Ltd. His engineering knowledge and planning technics are of great value to Shaar Hashamaim. His guidence in engineering planning is used in improving and maintaining Shaar Hashamaim facilities. He is on the advisory board of new projects and developments of Shaar Hashamaim.

Raphael Samson Varulkar(Ralph) - Trustee

Raphael has been a banker by profession and worked for major nationalised banks in India. He has a vast experience in financial investments and in the field of logistics. His skills are well utilised from time to time in making financial decisions of Shaar Hashamaim.

Abimelekh Pinhas Bhastekar - Trustee

Abimelekh brings in an IT Software design, development and computer project management experience from India and abroad. His experience in technology management is well appreciated and utilised in modernizing the way Shaar Hashamaim operates. He is currently handling a project in developing this application and intends to providing support to it for it's lifetime.