How to use this website

Home Page

When you enter in the address bar of any browser window you will arrive at the home page which consists of the title of the organization Shaar Hashamaim (Gate of Heaven) Synagogue. The two icons by the right side of the title are pictures of Shopping Cart & two buttons titled New User? and Log In. If you desire to take a look at your wishlist from any other webpage on this website click Shopping Cart.

You will notice a menu bar just below the name ‘Shaar Hashamaim’ which has options such as ‘About Us’, ‘Donate’, ‘Services’, ‘Rooms’, ‘Library’, ‘Gallery’, ‘This week’, ‘Calendar’, ‘Miscellaneous’, ‘My Account’, ‘Administration’ and ‘Contact us’. One of them is 'Services' which has submenu like MishBerakha, Hashkaba, Light Candles etc. We will go over each menu and submenu in details. The Leftmost icon on this menu bar is a picture of a home. Clicking this icon from anywhere on this website will take you to the home page. This menu will repeat on every page of this application.

Just below the menu bar you will notice a slideshow in the middle of the page where we will post photos of latest events. Two square blocks on the sides can be used for placing advertisement/announcements/achievements of Shaar Hashamaim or members of our community.

Public Pages

Following is the list of Web pages which are accessible to all users irrespecive of whether or not the user has created a log-in User-id and Password. These pages contain general information about Shaar Hashamaim. You need not log-in before you could access these web pages. Examples of these are as follows,

If you have ever browsed the existing website of Shaar Hashamaim, you would have noticed that there are number of pages with an information about Shaar Hashamaim such as History, Developments, Community at Thane, future projects etc. We have retained these pages as they are. The photos on these pages(and on other pages) are for the sake ofsuggestion and will be replaced once we have suitable photos from the management. The submenu under AboutUs are as under.

  • About Us
    • History of Jews in India(Brief description of History of Jews in India)
    • Jew's Association with City of Thane(Jews association with Thane city)
    • Synagogue THEN and NOW(Information about Synanogue improvements)
    • Developments and Renovations(Development of our infrastructure)
    • Festivals and Celebrations(information about our festivals)
    • Landmarks Achieved(Brief description of our achievements)
    • The Team(information about the board of trustees)
    • Web Project(Information about this web project)
    • Terms and Conditions(Terms and conditions for using our website)

Following is the list of new web pages that are available to everyone irrespective of whethet or not the they have logged In.

  • Gallery
    • Show Photos(Photos of Shaar Hashamaim events)
    • Show Videos(Videos of Shaar Hashamaim events)
  • Calendar
    • Show Calendar(Shows Calendar with Hebrew Dates, Candle lighting times, Parasha and Haftara)
    • Date Calculator(Convert Hebrew Date to English Date & vice versa, Calculate Anniversay Dates)
  • This Week
    • Parasha This Week(Commentary on Parasha for this week)
    • Haftara This Week(Commentary on Haftara for this week)
  • My Account
    • Register New User
  • Contact Us
    • Contact Us

User Specific Web Pages

You must have a Log-in UserId and password to access these pages. Therefore, please register yourself after clicking either 'New User?' icon on the upper right of the website or clicking 'Register New User' icon under 'My Account Menu' or click 'New User Registration' link on the Log-in page. Fill in information on the form, let the system generate user-id, enter password and confirmation password, enter password recovery question and answer and hit 'Create UserId' icon.

You may now log-on using your log-in credentials and start using these web pages. Remember, we are in the test mode until 1st of April. However, you may go ahead and book services with Shaar Hashamaim using newly created User-Id and password upto and including making online payments via PayUMoney Payment Gateway. Use caution to not use your personal Credit/Debit cards in the test mode. Feel free to call Abimelekh Bhastekar(9930880868) to get a dummy Credit Card number, Expiry date, CVV number to proceed. This will not debit/credit actual money but process the card info like any other transaction and display the transaction is complete and will generate receipt on success. Description of these web pages is as follows,

  • Donation
    • Donate Now
  • Services
    • Mish Berakha
    • Hashkaba
    • Light Candle
    • etc.
  • Rooms
    • Guest Rooms(Book Synagogue Guest Rooms)
    • Meeting Rooms(Book Synagogue Meeting Rooms)
  • Library
    • Search Books
    • Put a Hold(For a stipulated period of time)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Dinner Under Sukkah(Names and Food Choice)
    • Reserve Seats for Annual Celebration(Names and Food Choice)
    • Reserve Seats for Purim Function(Names and Food Choice)
    • Order Matzo Boxes(Number of boxes)
    • Reserve Seats for Pesah Seder(Names and Food Choice)
    • Reserve Seats In a Bus(Name and Age)
    • Book Tickets for Khai Fest(Names)
    • Reserve Seats for Eves Associtions Annual Function(Names and Food Choice)
  • My Account
    • Change Password
    • Edit Profile(Update personal details)
    • My Balance(Check balance due and make payment)
    • Hashkaba List(Maintain list of Hashkaba names for Ereb Kippur and TishaBe-Av)
    • View History(View past payments made)
    • Anniversaries(Maintain list of Anniversaries to receive reminders)

Every time you opt to request a service, make a donation or reserve Synagogue room after clicking Save button from individual pages you will land on the web page titled Cart. This is your wishlist. Your services are not confirmed until you choose to make a payment from this screen. You have an option to go back and request more services from here. Your wishlist will remain intact until either you click Make Payment or remove a request by clicking Remove button pertaining to a service from your wishlist.

Administrative Web Pages

Following are the web pages that are meant to carry out administrative functions. User-Ids having administrative privileges only will have access to these functions. Call Abimelekh Bhastekar(9930880868) who will give you an User-Id and password to test Administrative functions.

  • Administration
    • OTC Bookings(Across the counter payments and receipt for those who walk in)
    • View Guest Rooms(Check availability of Guest Rooms)
    • View Meeting Rooms(Check availability of Meeting Rooms)
    • Print Daily Services report(For Hazzan to perform ceremonies)
    • Print Duplicate Receipt(If someone walks in with a request)
    • Print Miscellanous Reservations Report(Number of persons attending & food choice)
    • Charge Biding and donation amounts to member dues((After every service)
    • View Bid Amounts for a person or for a date(View & modify amounts)
    • Manage Rates(Maintain rates and charges for synagogue facilities and services)
    • Generate Calendar(By Hebrew Year)
    • Send Anniversary Reminders(Daily)
    • Charge Annual Fee to the members(Once a year)

We need to test this application thoroughly before we go live on 1st Apr-2020. Therefore, go ahead and play with it as much as you can. Feel free to call Abimelekh (9930880868) with questions, comments or suggestions.

Thank you!